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10-10-2009, 05:33 PM
Hello thanks for reading my tutorial. If while reading this you are confused by anything or have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

* I very strongly suggest you use Firefox, other browsers bring unnecessary issues with crediting. You can use IE, but whatever you do DO NOT use IE 7. It is horrible for crediting. Use IE 6 or lower. The lower the better. To check which version you have click on Help then click on About Internet Explorer.

* You can NOT use an proxy of any kind. Some internet providers (like AOL) use them. If you are unsure if your internet provider uses a proxy or not, you can use this Proxy Test ( to find out.

* Set your browser to accept all cookies. To do this in Firefox click tools then options. Then on the security tab make sure both boxes in the cookie section are checked.

* Disable any Popup Blockers. To do this in Firefox click tools then options on the content tab uncheck the box next to block popups.

* Turn off any browser add ons you have.

* If the trader you are working with has set up a trade in the trade manager you need to go to your trade manager and confirm it. To do this click on the trade manager tab at the top of the page and then click the confirm trade link. Then click on the confirm/accept button next to the trade.

* Clear your private data. To do this in Firefox click on tools and select Clear Private Data make sure the cookies and cache boxes are checked. Then click the Clear Private Data Now button.

* Sign up at the site. To do this click on the referral link you were given. When you get to the site pick the prize you want. This doesn't matter to much at this point. This is what you will get when you move on to method 2 and start getting your own referrals. It can always be changed later. Then enter your email address in the box and click next.

* On the next page fill out the form. For the phone number use a phone number that you can get a call on right away. Most sites do a phone verification. A automated system will call you to give you a PIN number you will need to enter. Do not worry this will be the only call you will get from the site. Also DO NOT use a VOIP line. Use a regular land line or a cell phone number. After you have filled out the form click next.

*Complete the phone verification (if there is one). Click the call now button. Then just enter the PIN in the box after the call.

* Depending on the site you may now be on the offer page. If you are not on the offer page click on the offers tab or link . This should be near the top of the page.

* From this point on you need to let every page you go to load completely. I am on dial up and this is one of the hardest parts for me lol. The waiting can be hard but it is very important.

* Pick an offer and complete it. After you are at the offer do not navigate away from any of the offer pages other then clicking on the next/proceed button/link. If there is something else you want to look at such as the TOS then right click and open it in a new tab/window. If you start looking at an offer and decide you don't want to do it, close the offer page log out of the freebie site, clear private data, and then log back into the freebie site. DO NOT clear private data after you have logged into the freebie site, or in the middle of completing and offer. It will keep you from getting credit.

* When you reach the confirmation page for the offer you have completed leave the page open and DO NOT load any other web pages at all for at least 10 minutes. This will help ensure the cookies are uninterrupted and do their job of giving you credit. The confirmation page is different for every offer. If the offer required you to buy something then the page that thanks you for your order would be the confirmation page.

* Complete any additional steps needed to get the credit if there are any.

Some offers like Emusic require you to download their software to get credit. With Emusic you also have to use their software and download some music. So if the offer you did requires anything like this do it now so you can get your credit.

* Now we come to the hard part again, the waiting. Now all you have to do is wait for the credit. You should know that instant does not mean instant when it comes to completing offers. An instant crediting offer could take any where from a few seconds to a few hours and rarely a day or 2. Being patient is key in this business. If you complete enough offers to get the credit you need and something doesn't credit right away don't start doing more offers. It will lead to allot of wasted offers and you'll be wishing you hadn't down the line. If you are having trouble getting credit or don't get credit for an offer contact the trader you are working with for help and advice on what to do next.

* If you need to do more offers to green you can go ahead and do them now. Once you have completed all the offers you need to do all you have to do is wait for them to credit. Once they have and you are green send a pm letting the trader you are working with know and give them your Paypal email address, and the email you used to sign up at the site, so they can pay you.

* After you have been paid it is time to complete the trade in the trade manager and leave feedback. To do this click on trade manager tab. Click on “Unfinished Trades”. By the trade, click on “received” indicating that you you received the cash.

Go back to the Trade manager home now your trade should be listed under completed trades. If it is not you need to wait for the trader you are working with to complete it on their end, before you can leave feedback. To leave feedback click on the “Leave Feedback” button and leave your feedback. You are the seller and the trader you are working with is the buyer.

That's it congratulations on your 1st green and your 1st TR. Thanks for reading my tutorial. Have a great day :)

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Good guide.Thanks!

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awesome tutorial!

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Good guide.Thanks!

awesome tutorial!

Thanks, I'm so glad you like it. If anyone thinks of anything I should add please let me know :)

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Super Post.
This is a keeper for sure.
Thanks for posting

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I hope everyone find this helpful :)